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Recover/Setup your USU account

Lookup your A-Number using personal information such as phone number or street address.

I don't know my A-Number

Create or update your password using your recovery email or text message enabled phone.

I don't know my password

Obtain Two-step Login Bypass Code

If you are enrolled in two-step login and you are not able to authenticate via preferred methods, you may obtain a temporary single-use bypass code by clicking the button below.

Generate Bypass Code

What can I do with MyID?

  • Find my A-Number
    Use your contact information to find your own A-Number.
  • Reset my password
    Use your A-Number to reset your USU account.
  • Manage your account password
    Update your password and view its expiration date.
  • Manage your preferred email address
    Set or update your preferred contact email address.
  • Manage your Aggiemail Account
    Create or update your Aggiemail Account
  • Review your account information.
    Verify your personal, contact and USU ID card information.
  • Update security settings.
    Set account delegates, questions, and your pass phrase.