Step 1: Log in with A-Number and Password

What is a Bypass Code and how do I use it?

Duo Security is USU's Two-step Login provider, which provides a more secure method for logging in to web applications with sensitive and personal information. It uses your smart phone as a secondary authentication resource to verify that you are the person logging in to your account.

Using Duo increases the security of your personal data and significantly reduces the risk that someone could gain access to your online accounts without permission.

Bypass codes are temporary codes issued to satisfy the second part of Two-step Login. The code is valid for one hour from the time of creation.

Bypass codes are intended for emergency use only, in the case that a user does not have access to his or her phone for authentication.

Codes can only be issued to users who know their A-Number, strong password, and answers to his or her identity challenge questions.

  • 1
    Login with your A-Number and Password
    Provide your A-Number and strong password for the first step of authentication.
  • 2
    Answer Identity Challenge Questions
    Provide answers to an identity verification challenge for the second step of authentication.
  • 3
    Obtain Your Bypass Code
    A new bypass code is displayed. You can use your code in place of your Two-step Login device. Your bypass code should be used immediately. It will expire one hour from its creation time.