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What is a Duo Passcode and how do I use it?

Duo passcodes are one-time use number codes issued through MyID.usu.edu to satisfy the second part of the Duo two-step login process. The passcode is valid for one hour from the time of creation. Passcodes generated through MyID may be used when you do not have access to your smartphone or other Duo enabled device. See duo.usu.edu for more information and FAQs.

We encourage you to have more than one device enrolled as a backup for authentication in case you forget or misplace your primary device. This may include purchasing a Duo key fob or enrolling a tablet, such as an iPad, in addition to your smartphone.

  • 1
    Log in with your A-Number and Password
    Provide your A-Number and strong password.
  • 2
    Answer Identity Challenge Questions
    Provide answers to identity verification challenge questions.
  • 3
    Obtain Your One-time Use Duo Passcode
    A temporary Duo Passcode is displayed and should be used immediately.